nema 23 stepper motor has several coils, which must be electrified in a specific order to rotate the motor in each step. Typical nema 23 stepper motors move 1.8 degrees per step, equivalent to 200 steps per 360 degrees of rotation.
Some nema 23 stepper motors move in smaller steps to provide more accurate positioning. For example, rotate 400 steps per 360 degrees and 0.9 degrees per step.
nema 23 stepper motor is a good fit for many linear manufacturing processes because of their repeatability, high torque at low speeds, and minimal maintenance requirements. Common linear positioning applications include conveyor belts, orbit positioning and X-Y tables.
nema 23 stepper motor can also work well in rotary motion applications due to their general installation options, repeatability and reliability.
Common rotary applications include indexing tables, length-cut machines and labels. The unit receives instructions directly from the PLC and works well with a wide range of nema 23 stepper motors.
The combination of controller and driver is a good choice. Motion control applications involve multi-axis stepper motor control, because there are versions on the market that deal with up to six-axis motion control.
Whether it is the choice of individual components or combination units, PLC or PC still need to provide supervision, control and coordination. Most nema 23 stepper motor is equipped with PLC.