nema 34 stepper motor is used in AU200-100 x 100 XY Open Aperture Stage. Van Nuys, CA-OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems, Inc.) added a new high-precision open stage on the basis of expanding the XY precision line.
The AU200-100×100 stage is a low-profile stage with only 80mm high and compact footprints nema 34 stepper motor.
The linear travel of X-axis and Y-axis is 100 mm X 100 mm. The resolution of each axis is 20 micron (non-micro-step) or 1 micron (driving 20 micron per step motor in use), the repeatability is 2 micron, and the positioning accuracy is 3 micron.
These stages have pre-loaded V-grooves and cross-roller bearings, and 4 mm grounding screw with a clearance of only 2 microns per ring, all of which help to improve the accuracy and stiffness of AU200-100×100.
It is suitable for laser drilling, mechanical processing, medical, industrial, semiconductor processing, testing, scanning, calibration, assembly and optical applications. This compact, low profile black alumina XY class is easy to integrate into new or existing systems.
Standard two-phase (1.8o) nema 34 stepper motor has knobs for each axis in the manual adjustment phase, but the knobs can be replaced by incremental encoders for position verification.
As an option, servo motors and compatible motion controllers can also be ordered from OES or AU200-100×100 stages as a complete Plug and Play motion control system.
Introduction: OES Optimal Engineering System Co., Ltd. (OES) is a company that produces motion control products. The products include nema 34 stepper motor controller and driver.