nema 23 is applied in many machines, the one designed for economic reasons can provide better user experience if they are quieter, smoother and more energy-efficient.
Millions of small electronic devices with built-in motor drive mechanism are used everyday around the world, relying on stepper motors to achieve low-cost motion, which can be easily controlled without complex microprocessor-based driver.
These include multifunctional office printers/scanners, cash machines, point-of-sale terminals, sewing machines and many industrial applications.
nema 23 is an attractive solution for driving mechanisms in cost-sensitive applications such as office machines, trading equipment and some types of industrial machinery.
In order to meet the demand of the market for better performance and availability, two key aspects of motor control strategy are strengthened under the economic price. Energy efficiency is improved, heat generation is reduced, and operation is quieter and smoother.
The audible noise emitted by nema 23 can distract attention, especially in industrial scenarios where a large number of motors may operate simultaneously in the same area.
In addition, even at low speeds, drivers consume electricity, which is often inconsistent with ecological design goals and may endanger the battery life of handheld applications.
Therefore, in many cases, nema 23 is most suitable for all kinds of requirements that must be met, but it is not a perfect or ideal solution.