nema 17 stepper motor is relatively simple mechanism: a series of solenoids are activated in a specific sequence to rotate the motor shaft at a precise angle.
The NEMA specification allows stepper motors to be identified and reference to the dimensions of the motor panel.
Most 3D printers use nema 17 stepper motor. There are many popular variants, each with different physical qualities for different applications. Torque ratings, these are mainly famous Newton centimeters (Ncm).
The three popular varieties tend to be about 20-25, 40-45 and 50-56 The motors in the first series are usually referred to as “flat motors”, while the 40-45 Ncm change is considered “standard” and eventually set to “high torque”.
When someone says “nema 17 stepper motor”, the first thing that flashes in your mind is this kind of movement. With considerable torque and a convenient size, these motors see almost every 3D printer kit you can buy today.
40-Ncm nema 17 stepper motors are considered standard because they have enough torque to move relatively well at a relatively large launch speed, making them a suitable choice for most applications.
This includes Bowden extruders, complex belt systems like the CoreXY printer, and almost everything in between. For most 3D printing applications, the 40-45 Ncm nema 17 stepper motor is enough.