bldc motor design gives a new motor series, which is small enough to be suitable for limited space, strong enough to do real work, efficient enough to be used in wireless or remote applications.
High performance bldc motors can provide the output level and economy required for today’s high-demand applications. In terms of industrial systems, this means that you can install enough functionality on the arm to allow it to perform real work while operating efficiently, serving reliably, generating little waste heat or electrical noise.
When it comes to industrial applications, motors in robotic processing and assembly systems must be very reliable, cost-effective and space-efficient.
For example, the ability to incorporate the motor itself into the manipulator rather than attach it to an external point of motion means that more robots can be placed in a given space.
The design of a frameless bldc motor, also known as the rotor/stator assembly, allows the motor to be fully integrated into one assembly to produce the largest possible torque-volume ratio.
There are some useful examples of industrial roving systems at both ends of the scale, because not all roving is as big as a golf cart.For example, inspection-class ROVs for checking out remote or inaccessible areas must be small and portable so that they can be easily moved to where they are needed and deployed.
The latest generation of advanced bldc motor not only meets the requirements of ROV detection level, but also has small size, high power, high efficiency, compact design and low noise. Customizable bldc motor serves this particular market segment with packaging and frameless mechanical configuration.