nema 17 is useful for sound insulation improvement. Proxxon MF70 is a very good desktop-sized milling machine with many useful accessories available, but its 20,000-turn spindle causes considerable noise and invites red-faced neighbors.
To solve these problems, Tim Lebacq is working on the sound insulation improvement of his CNC rolling mill. In order to achieve the goal of sound insulation, he obviously had to first convert the manual MF70 to the CNC version.
This is fairly straightforward and has been done in many different ways on similar machines over the years. Tim insists on using tested controller solutions, including raspberry pie, Arduino Uno ,three nema 17 motors and nema 17 stepper drivers. These electronic devices are packed in a recycled metal box of an old power supply.
The sound-proof box is the place where he faces the unknown. The box itself is made of wood frame lined particleboard.
A pair of drawer sliders with bolted locks are used to open the front door vertically.He also added some RGB patches controlled by raspberry pie for ambient lighting and status indication. But making sound insulation materials allowed him to experiment with various materials and techniques. Finally, he chose a layer of foam lining with a layer of “bubble film”. The bumps on the surface of the bubble film seem to be effective in reducing sound, at least for his ears.
Since Proxxon MF70 has been designed to accept CNC conversion packages, it is very straightforward to install nema 17 and limit switches, making it easy for Tim to upgrade.