nema 23 stepper motor package was customized using mobile products, providing a single motion control solution for Intralox’s innovative delivery system.
The system can handle various configurations of packages. It needs an assembly of nema 23 stepper motor and actuator. It can locate the target position as fast as the analog control system updates the target position every 4 milliseconds.
In addition, stepper motors need to be flexible to meet the changing requirements of calibration, classification and selection for applications in different industries, such as food processing, beverage processing, baking and industry.
The STM/SWM integrated stepper motor package is designed by mobile, which has the efficient and flexible positioning required by the conveyor system.
STM/SWM combines nema 23 stepper motor, drive and control, integrates encoder, and has the function of automatic stall detection and prevention. The built-in encoder feeds back the actual position of nema 23 stepper motor to the integrated controller and closes the feedback loop to avoid the restrictions associated with the stepping system.
Ask the programmer Motion control software incorporates STM/SWM integrated stepper motor package to make simple configuration operations to match the needs of different conveyor applications. nema 23 stepper motor integrated with vehicular Ethernet / IP communication replace noise analog and digital signal control signal.