nema 17 stepper motor can be used to build a plunger-style paste extruder for ceramic 3D printer.
01. First, remove the two m3 bolts from the straight-axis stepper motor (next to the 4-pin line) and install the 3D printed fan bracket sing 2×m3 30mm bolts.
02. Install a 40mm cooling fan with 2 x m3 10mm bolts.
This fan cools the stepper motor during the printing process.
03. Extend the 2pin wire from the fan and make it the same length as the 4pin wire from nema 17 stepper motor. Organize the wire using the cable wrap and a zip tie. You can solder wire together (recommended).
04. Prepare 3D printing piston, 60cc syringe rubber plunger, stepper motor threaded shaft.
They are assembled and placed in a nema 17 stepper motor.
05. Prepare the 3D print syringe holder and 2xm3 6mm and bolt the loaded syringe barrel.
You can use a spatula to load the clay into the syringe. I use a dollar store. If you use clay, syringes have many uses.
06. The extruder is ready. You can connect it to the printer, but you may need to design a mount for the printer. Depending on the design and size of the nozzle, you can print approximately 15-25 minutes of content. For nozzles, you can use a liquid dispensing needle.
07. To print out the right thing with an extruder, you need to experiment with your settings, such as print speed, feed rate, lead screw, layer height, and clay viscosity.
So you can try to build plunger-style paste extruder with nema 17 stepper motor as well.