stepper motor driver by Trinamic allow the stepper motor to reach 256 (8-bit) micro-steps per complete step.
Tmc5130a-TAA is a small, intelligent stepper motor driver and controller integrated circuit, including stealth chopping mode, which is the ultimate solution of this excellent analog record player. Using such a high micro-step resolution means that the motor’s rotor is now stepping at a smaller angle or distance, thereby reducing vibration and noise.
StealthChop’s technology is based on voltage circuit breakers. Trinamine improves voltage mode operation and combines it with current control.
Based on current feedback, the stepper motor driver of TMC5130A-TA chip adjusts voltage modulation to minimize current fluctuation. Therefore, the system can adjust itself according to the parameters and working voltage of the motor.
In addition to the noise generated by ball bearings, Stealth Chop provides very quiet stepper motor performance. The application of stealth chopper technology has reached a noise level of 10 decibels or even more lower than that of traditional current control.
On the electrical side, they started with TMC260-PA stepper motor drive of trinamac, using 256 microsteps and current-based chopper mode spread-frequency cycles. Then the engineers assumed that instead of using 200 full-step motors, 800 full-step motors would be enough.
However, the stepping vibration of the motor is still too strong to be heard in the audio output signal.
Finally, they use 256 microsteps and TealthChop combined with 200 full-step motors, which are implemented in the TMC5130A-TA stepper motor driver and controller.