bldc motor is widely used in industrial automation applications. Maxon motor will launch new bldc motors at SPS IPC Drives.
A new engine has appeared on maxon’s production line: the eci – 52xl high torque ratio standard version offers an impressive 50% torque increase, making bldc motor the perfect choice for industrial automation applications.
The eci-30 integrated electronics technology is ideal for applications where efficiency and reliability are critical, such as pumps and fan drives. The commissioning process of this motor is very simple, I hope to avoid motion control, but I hope to enjoy the advantages of brushless motor.
Enx16 EASY XT is another brand new product in our portfolio. The XT version of the simple encoder family is designed for extreme conditions and withstand temperatures from -55 to 125°C.
Roboy also appeared on the maxon booth. Humanoid robots driven by maxon motors are modeled on human anatomy.It is based on tendon’s drive technology that enables Roboy to move like a human and react to the environment.
ECX Speed 6 is a new member of the ECX series. The 6 mm diameter bldc motor is primarily designed for the medical industry. The bldc motor iron-free winding allows speeds of up to 100,000 rpm.