nema 34 stepper motor is improved by uStepper to use in items such as inkjet printers – for moving the ink cartridge back and forth over the paper. nema 34 stepper motors can be a cheaper alternative to servo motors, but the drawback of nema 34 stepper motors is not being able to tell if they are moving to the position they were told to move to.
If a person tries to block the path of the ink-jet head, while the printer is printing, it will not recover from this. The same happens in most of the applications using nema 34 stepper motor. uStepper removes this drawback by continuously monitoring where it is, and where it should be. uStepper can compensate if anything goes wrong. It operates with feedback. uStepper has the ability to drive nema 34 stepper motor, monitor position and it has an onboard programmable microcontroller with a wide range of available inputs and outputs.
The new line will offer a uStepper board with improved performance on all parameters, a cheaper lite version and potentially a large and powerful version.
All this is packed into a small printed circuit board that fits on the back of nema 34 stepper motor.