nema 17 is a component of Delta Robot. Delta robots are lightweight and require low maintenance, so they are very suitable for simple assembly tasks. It can realize simple assembly function, task selection and placement, and its application in detection technology.
The device is made entirely of igus components. The device is made of aluminium and plastic materials.
This includes a maintenance-free belt drive non-lubricated connecting rod, encoder, nema 17 and optional drive controller. nema 17 and coders guarantee fast processing up to (+0.5 mm). It can carry up to 5 kilograms at low speeds and a maximum picking rate of 60 per minute. The installation space diameter of the whole system can reach 420 mm.
Under the guidance of igus, units can be assembled on site in about 30 minutes. It can also be pre-assembled within 24 hours as an off-the-shelf installation system within the transport framework or as a toolkit with quick and simple assembly instructions.Customers can also choose to use their own software and control system, or igus provides an intuitive dryve D1 control system.
In addition to Delta robots, Igus also provides low-cost robotic systems with Robolink products. The Robolink product line provides users with the opportunity to assemble up to five axes of robotic arms separately from a modular system. It consists of plastic gears,nema 17 and interface connectors.