nema 23 stepper motor is an important part of a 3D printer. Normally, your regular desktop 3D printer is a bunch of belts, screws and pulleys. DeepSOIC completely eliminated them. How did he do it? nema 23 stepper motor linear actuator is used.
Search Google for “linear stepper motors” and you’ll find a bunch of linear motors with screws in the middle. This is not a linear stepper motor. This is a stepper motor with a lead screw in the middle. DeepSOIC thinks of engines that are more like a mixture of rack and pinion gears and maglev trains.
The “straight line” part of the nema 23 stepper motor is a magnet track perpendicular to the motor axis, which has alternating polarity. It’s basically an unrolled nema 23 stepper motor that can run 3D printers faster without too much mud and clearance.
At present DeepSOIC is in the experimental stage, and he plans to print the axis of his linear stepper with a ferromagnetic wire. It doesn’t work. The permeability of the steel found in the motor is about 4000, while the permeability of his brand ferromagnetic wire is about 2. It was a great success in describing the performance of magnetic 3D printing filaments even though the idea of printing nema 23 stepper motor parts was completely unsuccessful.