nema 23 is used in a H Series hybrid 3D printer CNC machine. The design of the H series reflects the need for mechanical systems to withstand higher loads than typical printers.
For the H series adder, the saddle/y axis/bed assembly has the lowest mass.This corresponds to the mass of a typical double extrusion gantry assembly. The X-axis drives the whole assembly, using a higher torque nema 23 and a 9mm GT2 belt drive. The size of wire also reflects the stress of each axis (Y axis is 8mm, X axis is 16mm).
The turret/arm assembly moves only in the Z direction, and its high quality is offset by the balanced weight in the column.The z-axis is driven on the 16mm axis, using nema 23 and 5 mm pitch pre-tightening ball screw.With this setup, we can perform fast Z motion and very small deflection.
All of these indicate that the H-series augmenter meets the standard of the best printer of its kind. If the question is: How good is the H-series mixer compared with a typical FDM printer? This is not a comparison.This hybrid machine tool is strengthened to handle machine acceleration and tool load.The X-axis and Z-axis are supported by a line axis, and the y-axis is increased to 16 mm in diameter. The X and Y axes are driven by pre-installed high-lead ball screw and nema 23.