stepper motor driver board EVALSP820-XS of Italian Semiconductor brings industrial control expertise to RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield (ramp) open source 3D printer platform, enabling 3D printer manufacturers to fully utilize their machine potential for faster printing speed and smoother surface treatment.
The ramp module platform makes 3D printing of Fused Wire Manufacturing (FFF) convenient for manufacturers, small businesses and household users for rapid prototyping, manufacturing replacement parts or education. Arduino Mega 2560, or Arduino DUE, the substrate provides basic control, providing users with plug-ins of their own choice of stepper motor driver, and any other desired functionality, using ultra-large compatible extended shields. Plug and Play Extension Board, EVALSP820-XS can promote ramp printers at a higher speed and greatly increase throughput to ensure excellent smoothness and micro-step resolution from step by step 1/256-step/micro-step.
STSPIN820 stepper motor driver board is the key to realize the leap of 3D printing performance. STSPIN820 embedded high-speed motor control input circuit and algorithm developed for industrial applications. It also integrates a powerful 1.5A RMS output stage in an ultra-compact 4mm x4mm QFN package. Built-in low-voltage blocking, over-current/short-circuit protection, thermal shutdown and other comprehensive protection to ensure industrial strength, the board can be used in other projects to speed up the development of stable and high-speed step control equipment, such as monitoring camera platform, textile or sewing machine, office and home automation, sales terminal and robots. The working voltage of STSPIN820 ranges from 7V to 45V. The stepper motor driver board is economical and easy to integrate.