nema 34 stepper motor is an important part of industrial conveyor motion control system. Usually, conveyor applications run at a constant or variable speed, requiring only speed control from the main drive motor. Positioning conveyors, such as conveyors for automatic scales, require more precise control. In these applications, the main drive must start and stop positioning conveyor, with moderate to high accuracy.
DC and AC motors are usually used for speed control of fixed or constant speed conveyors, while stepping motors and servo motors provide more accurate positioning capabilities for conveyors requiring more precise motion.
nema 34 stepper motor is generally controlled by open-loop control, which has the advantages of simple structure, good positioning and economy. But if a feedback mechanism, such as an integrated high-resolution encoder, is configured, the closed-loop nema 34 stepper motor can provide speed and position information to the driver/controller.
Stepper motor suppliers can provide expertise and tools to help you choose the design that suits your application.
The high torque and fast dynamic response of the closed-loop system meet the requirements of high performance positioning conveyor. Speed, torque, accuracy and size are important parameters to be considered when selecting suitable nema 34 stepper motor for conveyor application.