nema 17 is important for a CNC project. As we know, now 3D printers are everywhere, electronic products are cheap and open source software is extremely powerful, therefore, almost anyone can produce a CNC machine tool.
This is what Nikodem did, turning the Dremel tool into an extremely powerful CNC machine tool that can cut MDF and acrylic acid, and carve aluminium. The built electronic device is just an Arduino Uno, a nema 17 drive rack running GRBL, a Dremel relay, a few more stepper motor drivers, and a large’ol 30A power supply. This machine uses nema 17, two on the Y axis, one on the X axis and one on the Z axis.It is extruded from aluminium profiles, and the carriage is mounted on some beautiful straight poles.
As for the working principle of this CNC machine tool, it is quite good. Gcode was used to cut a circle with a diameter of 80 mm from MDF. The machine successfully cut a circle with a diameter of 80.02 mm. That’s good, and the mistake may be in cheap calipers, not in the finished product itself. Overall, it’s a great building with nema 17.