nema 23 stepper motor is designed to provide calibration and accurate motion control and is widely used in daily industrial applications, some of which may be quite surprising.
For example, today’s air conditioning systems in automobiles can install up to 30 or more bus controller stepper motors, which have precise automatic temperature setting. These are used to precisely control the opening of the air conditioning flaps around the vehicle to ensure correct cabin temperature. Now, consider the number of vehicles outside, and you will know the huge number involved.
Waterproof stepper motor
nema 23 stepper motor needs to run at least 30 feet deep and is truly waterproof. The motor uses shaft seals, O rings, sealed cable feeds, pressure balancing and other functions. The main problem is that the standard nema 23 stepper motor is wound with copper wires coated with enamel or varnish.Even if the coating process is good, there will always be small pinholes on the varnish.
Space and underwater motors
Stepper motors work in vacuum or radiation sensitive environments.They need to work at extreme temperatures in outer space, such as at low temperatures. Finally, nema 23 stepper motor need to be waterproof to resist the presence of water, moisture and solvents.