nema 23 is used in a homemade CNC machine. Koopman has been wandering around the Internet for some time to check the CNC machine tools that he has done. He wants to build one.In his search, he noticed that there was a common clue between home-made machines. They are usually made of readily available or readily available components.
He had some parts to deal with, so he decided to jump onto the band’s carriage and make a CNC router. The difference between Kupman’s project and other projects is that there are obviously some very good components in his parts box. The machine has a nickname “Tweakie” because it will never really be finished and there is always a way to make it better.
Cooperman also thought about this, so he fixed the aluminium gaskets on the steel frame and folded them flat. After that, THK linear bearing is fully supported to connect to the surface of the straight gasket. Both the X and Y axes have ball screws to reduce the rebound and are driven by nema 23.
Mach3 is the software that controls CNC routers. All electronic devices are neatly mounted in an electrical cabinet mounted on the back of the machine. It communicates with a three-axis nema 23 driver board through parallel port, which can provide 24VDC for nema 23.