dc brushless motor technology from Dawlance is compatible with all 12 volt DC output sources. Because of its “dc brushless motor” technology, the technology is truly differentiated and promises to bring huge benefits to consumers.
dc brushless motor is more efficient in terms of power consumption due to its frictionless operation.
These solar-powered washing machines manufactured by Dawlance guarantee the highest quality and performance and are aesthetically attractive.
New products have solved the major problems and challenges faced by Pakistan consumers.
Unfortunately, power grids in many parts of Pakistan are not in normal supply, and they are not even available in many parts of the country. The shortage of electricity in rural or remote areas has led to more and more consumers relying on solar panels and storage batteries.
Dawlance-Hasan Jamil, Director of Marketing, stressed the characteristics of Dawlance Solar Plus products. He said, “Dawlance dc brushless motors use 12 volts of direct current to power from solar energy and batteries, which can save 30% of energy. Fully silent operation ensures that your electricity bills can be saved for life.”
Dawlance is committed to providing families with the next level of convenience and unparalleled experience for the modern lifestyle of different consumer groups. In this dc brushless motor, a higher proportion of electric energy is converted into rotational force.