stepper motor driver is used in a new type of precise transmission device which developed by Amacoil/Uhing Company, it has motion controller and is suitable for precise linear motion applications. According to the size of the driver nut, the stepper motor drive provides 7 to 800 pounds of axial thrust. The stepper motor driver provides almost unlimited flexibility to customize linear motion of the drive nut.
It includes a stepper motor controlled by SIEMENS S7 PLC. The shaft of the stepper motor driver is smooth surface hardened steel.Without threads, contaminants will not damage or plug them.
The shaft only rotates in one direction, so there is no need to buy reversible motors.The motion parameters of driving nut, such as travel direction and linear pitch, are controlled by the angle of rolling bearing in driving unit, and then controlled by user programming.
It is ideal for precision winding of a wide range of circular or flat materials, including wires/cables, PVC pipes, pipes, fibers, ropes, rubber hoses and vinyl strips. The precision motion drive system can also handle customized winding patterns and irregular shape spools.
The stepper motor driver is fully programmable and can be used for precise winding machine, X-Y coordinate tool movement and other machines.