bldc motor is used in ceiling fans. A month after Panasonic launched a 7-watt emergency LED lamp, Anchor launched a series of smart fans using a new bldc motor to minimize power consumption in Indian homes and business offices.
The new bldc motor fan adopts the first-class technology of Japan and is produced in the most advanced factory in India.
The ceiling fan is assembled by bldc motor. This helps the fan to work without slippage loss and reduces power consumption by 60%. Therefore, it can maintain a constant speed (RPM) of up to 140 V even in the case of voltage fluctuation.
The new BLDC fans are certified by the U.S. Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA) as 5-star, so they consume less power without affecting air transmission.
The new anchor fan consumes only 30W of power and can provide 230 cubic millimeters (cubic meters) of air transport even at the highest speed.
The fan has a convenient remote control operation and a special sleep mode. It can switch to automatic shutdown function of 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours.
This series of indoor air quality fans are temperature sensitive and help to provide cool air and create a natural, comfortable and relaxed environment.
The new generation of bldc motor ceiling fan not only saves power, but also provides a variety of colors – White / silver, marble / gold and walnut / gold.