nema 34 stepper motor sometimes generates heat. Although stepper motor heating generally does not affect the life of the motor, but in some cases it will bring some negative effects. For example, some occasions do not allow excessive heating of the motor, such as medical devices and high-precision testing equipment. Therefore, the necessary control should be made for the heating of nema 34 stepper motor.
To reduce heat is to reduce copper loss and iron loss. There are two directions to reduce copper loss, reducing resistance and current. This requires that nema 34 stepper motor with small resistance and rated current should be selected as far as possible in the selection of type. For the selected stepper motor, the automatic half-current control function and off-line function of the driver should be fully utilized. The former automatically reduces the current when the motor is in static state, while the latter simply cuts off the current. In addition, due to the nearly sinusoidal current waveform and less harmonic, the subdivision driver will have less heat.
For all nema 34 stepper motors, the inside is made up of core and winding coils. The winding has resistance, the power will produce loss, the size of loss is proportional to the square of resistance and current. The core has hysteresis eddy current effect, it will also produce loss in alternating magnetic field, its size and material, current. Frequency and voltage. This is called iron loss. Both the copper loss and the iron loss will be manifested in the form of heat, thus affecting the efficiency of nema 34 stepper motor.