nema 17 and six controllers of different industrial Ethernet protocols, absolute multi-loop encoder, closed-loop and M12 connector compose the new ServoStep integrated stepper motor. This new nema 17 is based on the latest microprocessors and cooling technology and advanced design than before.
All the necessary electronic components in the stepper motor system are integrated in the motor itself, and are similar to other JVL motor concepts, so they are easy to use in various motion control stepping motor or servo motor applications. New nema 17 contains everything needed to solve modern control tasks, whether as an independent and self-programmable motion controller or from external PLC or PC control.
Industrial Ethernet:
Profinet, EtherCAT, Powerlink, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or SERCOS III can be used, and synchronization and driver profiles of EtherCAT and SERCOS III can also be used.
MACtalk can use Ethernet to debug the motor, so there is no need for RS232/RS485 converters or extra cables.
Because of scalability, the JVL industrial Ethernet module is also a “proof of the future” because the new version of the protocol will always be suitable for design. New nema 17 is equipped with two Ethernet connectors and a built-in switch, so that the circuit topology does not require any additional expensive hardware.The new nema 17 can be upgraded at any time by using other protocols or updated versions of the same protocol.