nema 17 stepper motor is more difficult to use, especially for beginners. But with a huge 3D printing nema 17 stepper motor, Proto G makes your electronic commutator motor easier.
Although we’ve seen 3D printing stepper motors before, their size and simple layout really help us understand this theory.
In fact, nema 17 stepper motor cost $14 on Adafruit, and there are a large number of residual motors of all shapes and sizes, which are cheap, so your own motors won’t be cost-effective for a long time. Once again, if we are to unleash the full potential of additive manufacturing and start the industrial revolution of de-centralization, understanding the working principles of complex mechanical and electrical equipment such as step-by-step will be the key to developing on-demand manufacturing processes.
This is a 3D printing frame, coils wrapped around nails, rare earth magnets sticking to the rotor, this is an approachable construction, the interior of a stepper motor, so that everyone can see and understand.You can easily observe how the rotors are arranged when different coils are electrified in circular mode, although it may be more enlightening to include a two-color led to indicate which coils are electrified and what polarity is. These will help to demonstrate the concept of half step. The Proto G project will not allow you to launch available nema 17 stepper motor from 3D printers in a short time.