bldc motor has many advantages over other types of DC motors. They are high-speed operation, compact power level, almost no electromagnetic interference. However, the complexity and cost of driving circuits limit their applications.
The good news is that recently the development of semiconductor drive circuits has made bldc motors more popular. In fact, these new drive circuits may affect you, making bldc motor your first choice for new electric household appliances and industrial products.
bldc motor is different from ordinary DC motor, and has strong permanent magnet rotor and fixed stator winding. Windings are usually connected in three-phase structure, requiring three different driving signals to three sets of windings. The driving signal is applied by the controller to create a rotating magnetic field, which interacts with the magnetic poles on the rotor to produce a smooth and continuous rotation.
Bldc motors are sometimes referred to as electronic commutating motors. Although they are designated as DC motors, driving signals are a form of communication. At any time, one pulse is positive, one pulse is negative, and the third pulse is open (O) or floating. This series of pulses makes the rotor stable.
The general advantages of bldc motor include: standard DC motor does not use mechanical commutator and brush. Brush wear and shorten service life. In addition, the brush commutator switch combination produces arcs, which in turn can cause electrical noise. Bldc motor eliminates these problems. It is more reliable, efficient, and produces less electromagnetic interference, and bldc motor provides more torque and power than other DC motors.