stepper motor driver needs a board, ST has released a new stepper motor driver evaluation board. It plugs directly into your 3D printer, so if you’re looking for a chip to make a cheap 3D printer controller board, that’s probably what you want.
In just a few years, we have made great progress in the field of stepper motor. The first popular stepper motor driver for RepRap Electronics was Pololu, a stepper motor carrier using Allegro’s A4988 driver. If you have a large radiator, the stepper motor driver can provide 2 years per coil, running between 8 and 35 V, and the micro-step resolution drops to 1/16. Is this the best stepper motor? No, but it’s cheap, it’s everywhere, and the ramp, the popular RapRap control electronics pick up its pinout, unexpectedly creating a standard. Then came the DRV8825 stepper motor driver produced by TI Company, whose micro-step was reduced to 1/32, which increased a little current per coil, and could be said to be a better thermal design.
Next, the three element driving wave occurs. Trin oxime TMC2100 is a silent stepper motor driver when running the motor at medium and low speed. You can run the stepper motor more effectively with this stepper motor driver.