nema 34 stepper motor and STM32 are good components. In the life of ordinary cars, the dashboard is basically unaffected. Apart from occasionally wiping with wet cloth, they are usually reliable in terms of car life, and as they grow older, they are also difficult to repair. However, some hackers find themselves fiddling with them and learn skills in the process, such as how to control nema 34 stepper motor and talk to CAN buses. After doing some projects in the past, Dan had some old tachometers lying around and decided to turn them into a work of art. The construction is driven by STM32 – a powerful arm based platform with a large number of IO and potential. Dan Using its function, the board generates music and responds to the data of the accelerometer on the board, while driving nema 34 stepper motor from the old tachometer. The project was then completed through a 3D printing installation board, and the tachometer components were placed on the back of IKEA canvas printing.
The end result is a work of art on the wall, which produces strange string music while convulsing. It comes from Dan’s project before using dashboards. This is a very interesting hacking skill, but we think there is still greater potential. There are a lot of projects that can benefit from lightweight micro actuators. We want to see a robot consisting of STM32 and nema 34 stepper motor.