nema 23 stepper motor is often mistaken for servo motor components, but in fact, nema 23 stepper motor is as reliable as servo motors. The stepper motor achieves highly accurate positioning and speed control by precisely synchronizing the pulse signal output from the controller to the driver. nema 23 stepper motor has the characteristics of high torque and low vibration at low speed, which is suitable for short distance and fast positioning.
Suitable application
In addition to frequent start and stop point applications, nema 23 stepper motors are suitable for locating image processing processors that do not like vibration, cam drives that are difficult to adjust for servo motors, and low-rigidity mechanisms such as belt drives. In addition, by changing the ball screw drive to belt drive, the cost is greatly reduced.
High responsiveness and excellent synchronization
The notable feature of stepper motor is responsiveness. The open loop control sends one-way commands to the motor and has a high tracking mechanism for the commands. When the servo motor waits for the feedback of the encoder, the command is often “delayed”, while the stepper motor works synchronously with the pulse. Therefore, there is little “delay”, so the response is very good. Thus, nema 23 stepper motor is suitable for applications requiring synchronous operation of multiple motors.