nema 17 stepper motor is applied in different projects, but gearboxes are usually required, especially in applications such as CNC machine tools and linear drives for 3D printers. A high torque, low backlash gearbox may be the most appropriate choice among these mechanical devices, and a 3D printed detachable planetary harmonic drive for the nema 17 stepper motor may be better.
This nema 17 stepper motor drives a solar gear with two planetary gears, each with a 56-tooth stationary ring and a 58-tooth output ring. Each rotation of a planet around a fixed ring causes the output ring to rotate one tooth, resulting in a reduction of nearly 100:1.
We think the “harmonic” name on this gearbox is a bit of a misnomer because the definition of the harmonic drive seems to be the periodic deformation of the curved spline, as we saw on this 3d printed strain wave gear. No matter what you call it, it’s pretty cool and can be a handy tool for all kinds of builds.
We will say that we suspect that any plastic gearbox can keep bouncing free. But we can see the benefits of design. It has some good functions. First of all, of course, it is printed entirely on 3D, except for a few screws. The perfect combination with the nema 17 stepper motor is also a very good feature, and the design on Thingivers should not be too difficult, so it can not be up and down scalable.