Nema 23 is a DC motor that rotates discontinuously. Instead, a complete rotation is divided into several equal steps. Nema 23 consists of multiple stages, which are composed of multiple coils. Nema 23 rotates one step at a time by applying the energy of the input voltage to each phase in a sequence. Therefore, nema 23 converts electrical energy or input digital pulses into mechanical shaft rotation.
Nema 23 work on the principle of electromagnetism. The rotor uses permanent magnets or soft iron as the rotor, and the rotor is surrounded by an electromagnetic stator. The poles of the rotor and stator can be fixed with sharp teeth. When a voltage is applied across the terminals, the rotor is aligned or moved to the stator with minimal clearance due to magnetic effects.
The stator is energized in a certain sequence, and the rotor is also rotated to fully rotate it, and is divided into discrete steps at a specific step angle.
Nema 23 are used in equipment that requires precise positioning and speed control. Because nema 23 can accurately repeat the movement, it is used in 3D printers, camera platforms, plotters, scanners and other equipment. Due to its maximum torque at low speeds, nema 23 is also used in equipment that requires low speeds.