nema 17 has a speed limit, it is essentially the maximum speed set by the user, beyond which the nema 17 can not move forward. Why is this useful? It is mainly because the speed of nema 17 can cause vibration when it reaches the resonance frequency. This may cause the stepper motor to become unstable and overshoot. This is also the reason why it loses its torque. Sometimes it is very fast.
In order to control speed correctly, actuators should achieve maximum speed and acceleration. If you try to accelerate at a faster speed than possible, the stepper motor will stop moving. In this case, sports should start afresh. This is because the commutator loses track and should be restarted by slowly increasing the commutator frequency.
Other factors also affect stepper motor torque. The low speed torque of the stepper motor varies directly with the current. The speed at which torque drops at higher speeds depends on many factors, such as winding inductance and drive circuit, including drive voltage.
Setting speed limits will prevent nema 17 stall. This is because the torque decreases with the increase of nema 17 speed. Speed limits can be set on stepper drivers or controllers.