nema 34 stepper motor is applied in a laser project. Tucker Shannon invented a machine that uses lasers and some ultraviolet-sensitive paper to draw temperature and weather icons! According to Tucker Shannon’s previous work glowin-in-dark drawing, the brain inside the machine is a Raspberry Pi Zero. The laser itself is a 5MW, 405nm laser pointer with a button zipper. Two nema 34 stepper motors are used for laser orientation, one for rotation and one for height angle. Each nema 34 stepper motor is connected to a motor drive plate and connected directly to Pi.
The real beauty of Tuker’s laser plotter is that it can draw temperature and weather icons, as well as digital or analog time! The precursor to this project is his clock, which draws time using a robotic arm with a UV LED, while the other clock uses a laser-connected analogy.
The base and arm of laser were designed in SolidWorks, and then 3D printing was done. The battery has been removed from the laser and the terminal is connected directly to the raspberry pie. Pi connects to Alexa through IFTTT, so that it can control it anywhere. nema 34 stepper motor is installed vertically and the laser pointer is installed at the end.