nema 23 stepper motor and servo motor is different in following 5 aspects.
1. low frequency characteristics are different, nema 23 stepper motor is prone to low frequency vibration phenomenon at low speed, when it works at low speed, generally use damping technology or subdivision technology to overcome low frequency vibration phenomenon, servo motor runs very smoothly, even at low speed There will be vibrations.
2. The moment frequency characteristics are different, the output torque of nema 23 stepper motor will decrease with the increase of the speed, and the servo motor will be the constant torque output.
3. The running performance is different, the control of nema 23 stepper motor is open-loop control, the starting frequency is too high or the load is too large, easy to lose step or block the phenomenon, the over-speed is easy to occur when the speed is too high, the servo drive system is closed loop Control, the driver can directly sample the motor encoder feedback signal, internal position loop and speed loop, generally no stepper motor over-step or overshoot phenomenon, the control performance is more reliable.
4. The speed response performance is different, nema 23 stepper motor needs hundreds of milliseconds from the standstill acceleration to the working speed, and the servo system has better acceleration performance, generally only a few milliseconds, and can be used in control occasions requiring fast start and stop.
5. The overload capability is different, nema 23 stepper motor generally does not have overload capability, and the servo motor has strong overload capability.