nema 34 stepper motor is a hybrid stepper motor, it is available in different lengths to suit different applications. In this article, we are going to talk about how can we get feedback from a nema 34 stepper motor.
Usually we use CTs to check the state of nema 34 stepper motor, but stepper motor is usually small DC motor, Hall effect sensor can not be very good telescopic. Another way to use automation is terminal switches. Rotary actuators usually have a set of NO / NC contacts that change state at preset angles (such as 5 or 85 degrees). Some also provide analog output back to your controller, so in the initial command 10Vdc to the analog input terminal, the actuator will produce a steadily rising analog output back, depending on the actuator’s current position as it rotates to full.
So the series of cams on the output shaft of the Nema 34 stepper motor and the instantaneous roller switches spaced around it will give you a set of binary shaft positions as feedback.
Do you want a more fluid analog? You can also set up an IR transceiver aligned with the reflector on the output axis and use counter IC or accumulator logic to determine the number of rotations or the speed of rotation. In particular, add a gradient to the IR reflective band of the rotating shaft, then the IC can now tell you the current shaft position and rotating speed of nema 34 stepper motor.