Nema 23 stepper motor is widely used in CNC machine. As we know, when it comes to providing power for CNC machine, the core and soul of the machine is the stepper motor. The speed, accuracy and accuracy of CNC router depend on the size and type of the stepper motor. Nema 23 stepper motor and servo motor are two primary motors used in CNC machine.
Two CNC stepper motors are priced very well, but nema 23 stepper motors are usually priced less. Even if the servo motor and the stepper motor have the same power level, the price of nema 23stepper motor is often lower. Stepping motors are easier to find and make them richer.
nema 23 Stepper motors are incredibly versatile, making them very popular with enthusiasts and industrial applications. Stepper motors can be found in thousands of products from personal computers to automobiles.
Nema 23 stepper motors are more reliable than servo motors because they do not require encoders. Servo motors are also very reliable, but they need an encoder that is known to fail.
Life span – stepper motor is also considered to be a brushless motor, in which servo is brushed. The brush must be replaced every 2,000 hours after operation, because the only possible wear and tear component on nema 23 stepper motor is the bearing.