dc brushless motor is common in reinforced concrete vehicles. They are small in size, light in weight, fast in speed and cheap in price. Raynerd wants to buy a new spindle for his CNC machine, and he thinks the dc brushless motor is a good platform.
At first, there was a motor with a 8 millimeter shaft on the shelf. The size of this shaft is important because the dc brushless motor shaft will be replaced by an ER16 pinch shaft of the same size. A chuck is a device for fixing tools, which is used to fasten cutting tools by folding rings around the cutter. The fixture allows quick replacement of the tool while providing a powerful clamping force. ER16 is one of many collet standards.
The main shell is made of aluminum specially for this project. The housing accommodates two radial load ball bearings to support the new rotary chuck. There is another bearing in this assembly, this time a thrust washer that prevents the axle rack from moving axially in the housing.
The standard ATX power output of 12 volt voltage is used in the test system. The electronic speed control and Servo Tester for general reinforced concrete vehicles work together to manually adjust the speed of the spindle. Therefore, the dc brushless motor is definitely a good platform to build from.