Nema 17 stepper motor is used in my own first 3D printer.
The AD88 3D printer is in the prototype designed by me in the tinkercad modeling program from 0.
Why did I do that?
I’ve always drowned a 3D printer, but we all know how hard we find them and at what prices.
7 months ago my brother bought such a printer after 4 months of intensive work. He recently had a problem with him and was forced to buy the piece at a printer (extruder). This is where I came up with the idea of building my own 3D printer.
I’m interested in the internet but I have not found an easy-to-use printer model with the materials I have at my disposal, so I decided to design my own printer.
After many hours in front of the calculator I managed to create prototype AD88 with nema 17 stepper motor.
Right now I do not know if this prototype will work just like a printer but I hope my measurements and my imagination have helped me.
Now that I learned where the idea of this project came from, let me tell you how she got this name. This printer, without realizing it, was designed on 08/08/2018. So I decided that her name would contain 8, and AD comes from my brother’s initials who helped me with my parts and my homework.
For this project we needed:
-4 nema 17 stepper motors from STEPPERONLINE
– about 1 kg of filament.
– threaded bar with thickness of 8mm and 3m.
– fine bar 8mm thick and 1m long.
– 12 linear rollers
– Two pulleys
– 2m GT2 toothed belt
– Extruder
– the drivers
– Three buttons
– and other improvised material.
– 2 threaded rods
– 50 nuts 8mm
Once all the materials have come, I will come back with the novelty and programming code, respectively the program.
If there are some improvements to this prototype, it can have a much larger print distance, much better precision and stability. This is version 1.0. And now I understand that it is not so easy to project anything from 0, especially if you have no idea what design means.
After I temporarily mounted the frame I notice that it has small design faults, in the sense that some parts should have been larger and others could have been smaller.
Finally, I will be happy if my prototype with nema 17 stepper motor will be able to print at least simplistic things.