nema 23 is used broadly in robotics. Easily and accurately move in the smallest space. These are the requirements of linear robots, such as automated tasks used in processing areas and test automation.
In order to produce products at a lower cost in the shortest time, the automation of the production process is increasingly important for mechanical engineering. For this reason, igus said they have developed a new compact linear robot with nema 23.
Alexander Muhlens, director of drilin transmission technology planning at igus, explained: “Two drilin ZLW belt shafts and one drilin GRW rack shaft ensure precise guidance and lubrication through sliding elements made of high performance plastics.” The system configuration file for mounting bracket can also be used as an option. The linear robot is delivered within 24 hours, ready to connect nema 23 and encoder. Therefore, customers can install products on the machine the next day.
Drylin linear robot for instant use
In addition to the new DryLin E-line robots used in a small work envelope, igus also provides line and plane-line robots directly from inventory. All linear robots include pre-configured DryLin linear modules, all the components and linear shafts with nema 23 required for self-assembly.