nema 34 stepper motor is larger than other stepper motors, and the new nema 34 frame (86 mm x 86 mm, 6, 0 nm) stepper servo integrated motor has been released by Applied Motion Products. The nema 34 stepper motor can be installed in more demanding applications requiring greater torque.
Available in four lengths, the nema 34 stepper motors offer machine designers a range of torque values to choose from. The longest motor (-6) provides a holding torque value of 82 nm and a peak torque value of over 92 nm. The TXM34 integrated motor is rated at ip65, all connected to the M12 connector and the front axle has a shaft seal. The TSM34 and TXM34 integrated motors support various control options, including step direction, speed, and series command mode. They also support the implementation of stored programs using the Q programming language of Applied Motion.
The nema 34 stepper motor consists of two power connections, a mains supply and an auxiliary supply, so that themotor supply can be removed while maintaining the controller and communication power. This feature eliminates the need to reinstall the system after an emergency stop event, which for many applications can provide the same end result as using a motor with an absolute encoder. In addition to the traditional star network topology, the nema 34 motor can be connected to a line network topology.