nema 23 stepper motor is applied in a MicroMill which fit perfectly, the nema 23 stepper motor is powerful enough to drive this machine.
MicroMill is used to cut or carve any material that is softer than steel. The unit is fully assembled, not as a set of components, and the project focuses on the open source concept of software and hardware. MicroMill uses nema 23 stepper motor and a microcontroller to adjust the speed of the tool from 5 to 20,000 revolutions per minute.
At present, there are three steps from originality to finished product processing. It can be designed with CAD software and can be exported to STL file. Tool path generation can be done via CAM software. RP3D recommends MeshCam or SketchuCam to generate G code. Then the G code is pushed to the microcomputer through the USB line, and the cutting begins.
The construction window is 115 x 110 x 64 mm, and the entire unit needs 262 x 196 x 222 mm on the desktop. MicroMill weighs 6 kilograms and can receive 3.2 millimeters of cutting tools. Details can be cut with a resolution of 0.0125 mm. Pay special attention to purchasing parts, using nema 23 stepper motor, igus self-lubricating bearings and Proxxon rotary units.