dc brushless motor is broadly used in various industries, the market is still growing because the demand for electric vehicles in developing countries is increasing, the demand for HVAC applications is increasing, and the development of robotics technology is increasing.
In 2017, the global dc brushless market is accounted for $5.59 billion, and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of $14.11 billion by 2026 of 10.8%.
dc brushless motor is also called electronic commutation motor or synchronous dc motor powered by dc power supply. These types of motors are very effective in producing large amounts of torque in a wide range of speeds. In dc brushless motor, permanent magnets rotate around settled armature which overcome the problem of current and armature connection. They are known for their smooth running and holding torque at rest.
In terms of speed, the 2,001-10,000 RPM portion grew significantly as demand for high reliability, high energy efficiency and compact medical equipment increased. Through end-users, the consumer electronics sector has maintained remarkable market growth and is expected to remain dominant in the future. The recognition of dc brushless motor in the field of household appliances and electronic equipment will be enhanced because of the advantages of dc brushless motor, such as cost reduction, energy efficiency.