stepper motor driver is very important for stepper motor, the stepper motor can not operate without stepper motor driver. Three new stepper motor drivers are produced by Toshiba America Electronic Components company. They can detect stepper motor overload and automatically adjust the stepper motor power supply to suit this load. When the stepper motor exceeds its designed driving capacity, the motor motion accuracy will drop sharply, and the stepper motor may stop running. Normally, stepper motor driver solutions avoid this by driving too much current to ensure operating margin in the worst case.
Toshiba’s new stepper motor driver is the first to adopt its proprietary anti-stall and active gain control (AGC) technology.Compared with existing products without AGC functions, this stepper motor driver can reduce motor power and heat by 80% by operating at rated current rather than high current, while maintaining motor accuracy and efficiency under various workloads and speeds.
To reduce noise and vibration, the new stepper motor drivers provide full step, half, quarter, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 step resolution for fast, accurate motion. They can also identify various error conditions, thereby improving system security and reliability.
Thus, for robotics, precision manufacturing and 3D printing or other applications which require stable, precise and high-speed control, the new stepper motor driver is definitely suitable.